Thursday, 10 April 2014


Hi Friend today i want to share about Firewall most of person know what is firewall ? Firewall is a System Security Software that Protect your system from the Incoming Connection or Secure from the attacks of hackers and anonymous person who want to Control System by the transferring malware software or other unwanted software that are used for transffering the victim data without knowledge of the user .
Firewall software

Firewall made with two word Fire and Wall . Fire gives energy to wall to protected user from the unauthorised access of other user to the system . Firewall filter the packet of ip for safe surfing the net . Firewall is a pre-bundled software comes with the system and also comes with the antivirus software that contain own firewall that gives you Some of Comodo Firewall , Avast , Quickheal and Ashampoo Firewall .

Protect yourself with good Firewall Software . Dont Turn off the firewall that gives unauthorised accesss to the system .

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Run Android on pc

Friend today i am sharing the apps detail used to run android apps on the window . By using this Application you are able to open and play android apps on the windows . Apps called  Blue Stacks.

BlueStack is an app player which can be used to run your android apps on your pc . Although it doesnot provide you with complete Android Experience but can play all of your apps in PC or Mac . The Software emulates an Android Environment so that apps can be installed and run from with in . Use popular apps like Whats App , Line , Games and etc...

How to sync between an Android device and your Pc .

Step 1. First Click on 1-click Sync tile and then enter your google account details .
Step 2.Select the device you want to Sync with .
Step 3. Install the Apps you want . 

Pushing Apps to Bluestacks :
You can use Bluestacks to push your Apps from your Device to PC . For this you need to first install Bluestacks Cloud Connect application which is available at Google App Store .
Step 1. After Installing the App , Open Bluestacks in your Pc , Select Cloud Connect Option .
Step 2. Follow the instructions and enter your email or phone no, if you asked for it .
Step 3. Note your pin and press Close .
Step 4. Next Open the Bluestack Cloud Connect App in to your device , enter the pin and Log in .
Step 5. Choose the Apps that you want to push into the emulator and then press sync .
Step 6. Follow the Texted to prompts on your phone if you'd like to install SMS connectivity .

Youwave is Android Emulator or another app player that are using to play android games and android apps on the window or mac .  Download thousand of apps online via youwave high performance emulator . Youwave is a fastest way to run android apps on the pc .

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How To Set Up Microsoft Outlook

Hi Friend today i will share about how to set up Microsoft outlook . Microsoft Outlook is a one of the good service from the Microsoft comes with all Microsoft office version . Microsoft Outlook is the easy way to send personalized email to friend and to others . Connect Your Email Provider and send email or files through Microsoft outlook get your all email in one place  . Follow the Step to connect your email id to microsoft outlook :

Step 1. Install the Microsoft outlook on the system .
Step 2.Configure the Microsoft Outlook .
Step 3.Add a New Email Account .
Step 4.Click on the Pop3 .
Step 5. Give User Name and Log-in Information as Required and Fill the server information .
Incoming server -
Outgoing Server
and Change gmail to your email service provider name .
than Next after filling all information . Click on the Finish .
Step 6.After this Microsoft Outlook ask for login information that place you fill your email id and password . After that you will connected to Microsoft outlook . Click on the Send Receive option for sending or receiving mail .

If you have Microsoft Outlook but not configured than
 Click on the Tools and Again click on the option from tool menu .
 From Option click on the Mail Set up ---> Email Account >New

Than Follow the Same Process from Step 4.

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

How to Send Anonymous Text

Hi Friend today i am sharing the website that are used to send free sms without showing your mobile number or Anonymous Sms . We know that most of website need to registered user mobile to send free sms online .Mostly people send Sms through Way2sms , Fullonsms,160by2 or many other website .But All need to registered .
send free sms

Friend here some website that not need to sign up . and you are ready to send sms without showing mobile number .

Benefit of these sites are :
1.No Need to Registration .
2.Send Message Upto 500 characters .
3.No Need to Enter Mobile Number .

friend All Website Tracking Your IP Address dont send abusive message .

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Friday, 27 December 2013

Internet Speed Test

Hi Friend Today i will share about internet speed test . Why we all need to check internet speed because today time all internet service provider giving good speed but after some month we getting less speed than the paid amount for the service . By using some good internet speed test website we will find original speed of service provider and we will able to search other good service provider by using internet speed test . Some internet speed test provides good service in your .  Check your Internet Speed Today and find what you will pay and what you get .


1.Speed Test by Ookla
2.Broadband Internet Speed Test
3.Internet Speed Test
4.Bandwidth Meter online speed test
5.Broadband Speed test by Intel
6.What is my ip ?
8.Test Bandwidth Speed

There are some website for internet speed use it and find what your internet speed what you paid for speed and find better service provider .